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Peels Interview w/ Ryan Moutinho of ‘Thee Oh Sees’



What’s your name?  Where are you from?  What do you do?

Ryan Moutinho.  Los Angeles/Connecticut.  Make music. 


When did you start making music?  What inspired you to start?

I started playing the drums when I was ten years old, I’m 28 now.  My dad had shown me a copy of ‘KISS ALIVE II’ on VHS back when I was really young, maybe 8?  I immediately really wanted to play guitar, because obviously Ace Frehley is the coolest member of KISS, but the music store by me that taught guitar lessons at that time told my parents I was too young to learn.  My only other choice was through music electives my elementary school offered, but they didn’t have guitar as an instrument of choice, so I defaulted to taking up drums.    


What are you doing in your downtime when you aren’t playing? 

I try to play, or make music every day.  Whether it’s drums, guitar, some toy, or messing around with recording; making music is one of the only things that doesn’t bore me quickly, and also one of the only things I can fully focus on.  Besides that, I kind of just keep busy with random projects.  Photos, painting or whatever, and hang out with my girlfriend and cat as much as possible.  I like to drink spicy juice and eat a lot too. 


What were you doing when you were 18?

Working construction for my grandfather.  I was also playing in a noise/hardcore band in Connecticut, where I grew up.  I think that’s around the age that I became interested in messing with recording too.  Definitely partying too much and getting into trouble as well, which made me want to get out of Connecticut as quickly as possible.


Do you get super amped for every show?

There's hardly ever a show that I don't not want to play. If that ever happens, I have to be really ill or something. I'm always really excited and happy to play.

You guys play a ton of shows, Do you ever get sick of playing a song? Especially the old or popular ones that people are most familiar with?

I get bored playing every song after a certain amount of times. It's still fun of course but I purposely try to never play a song the same way twice. Keeps me interested and on my toes. It's fun to walk to line of possibly falling flat on your face, especially in front of a packed audience

Have you been compared to slip knot before? 

The band definitely hasn't. Me personally? I've never gotten such a nice compliment! Haha. But no. Slipknot’s first drummer, Joey Jordison, is amazing though.

Thee oh sees have been used in tons of skate videos? How do you feel about it?

I actually didn't know. I grew up watching skate videos. Skating all day, every day, so that's really cool to hear. Skateboarding is one of my favorite things ever.  It's my only source of transportation right now in LA besides the public transport; which is not taken advantage of enough. It's great.


Huge thanks to Charlie

Photo by Serena Reginato